Electric Machinery Company – Acionamentos Magnéticos

Acionamentos magnéticos da EM oferecem uma excelente alternativa para aplicações que utilizam drives de frequência variável com eletrônica no estado sólido. Estas características melhoram o desempenho e reduzem custos.


The Ampli-Speed™ Magnetic Drive is a magnetic clutch which provides precise, wide-range variable speed control.

EM Ampli-Speed™ Magnetic Drives offer the following benefits:

  • Ratings range from 300-1800 RPM and 200-2700 HP
  • Simple air-cooled design requires no auxiliary cooling
  • Available in horizontal or vertical constructions
  • No torque pulsations or harmonic pollution eliminates the need for special couplings or costly filters
  • Suitable for pump and fan applications by matching equipment speed to meet flow demands
  • Enclosures available to meet site requirements

Magnetic Drive Capabilities